Associação para alerta de incêndio florestal

Forest Fire Alert Association
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How We Help

Find out more about the work of “Alerta” and how we help support the local Firefighters across the Algarve

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You Can Help!

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Alerta Facebook Group

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A massive thank you to all the team for the ongoing information you provide in order to ensure we are aware of fire hazards in our areas...your hard work is very much appreciated!
L. Robinson
We thank you with utmost sincerity and the deepest gratitude for all you have done and do for us! We are blessed to have such a loyal and dedicated team watching over us!
M. Landis
Heart felt thanks, for the work you do. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.
A. Alger
Once again, another year when all your hard work, keeps us well informed and our minds at ease. Thank you so much.
J. Chilton
Superb info and assistance thru the good bad and ugly times, thankyou for all you do to all the team and of course the brave men and women who keep us safe and risk their lives for us all xxxxxx
S. Emm
Thank you all so much. You make my monitoring for the Horse Evacuation so much easier. Truly, gratefully appreciated.
J. Kemp
Thank you all so much. Amazing work by amazing people.
G. Bradley
Thanks to you and the team of volunteers, you have all done a great job this year
C. Shepherd
Debby Burton and amazing team, thank you for all your work this very tough year for us , not one I would like to be repeated, you kept us informed, worked above and beyond ,sometimes all thro the night..we all thank you...
Cancela Dog Haven
Thank you all so much for your work, we realised the value of your page, your efforts and your hours & hours of fire watching & updates in the Castro Marim fire in August when we needed you all in east Algarve....
N. Donegan