Alerta de incêndio florestal - Forest Fire Alert!
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Welcome to Alerta de incêndio florestal / Forest Fire Alert!

After the fires of 2016 there was a need for an association which could help aid the distribution of provisions and finances to the necessary Bombeiros stations and locations in the event of a fire. Alerta de incêndio florestal / Forest Fire Alert are now more active than ever in their facebook group promoting events and fire awareness as well as regular distributing updates from the civil protection

 General Information…

Alerta de incêndio florestal / Forest Fire Alert Facebook group, which is where the now official Alerta de incêndio florestal  association started, was created by a gentleman who has now left the Algarve, Debby Burton Chairman of the Association was an admin for the face book group from the early days. Initially it was just local people commenting “I can see smoke here”, “there are a lot of fire engines just gone by in this town and that sort of thing. Debby thought it would be of assistance to use the civil protection website, to confirm fires and the gravity of them and from that point on the Facebook group became a valuable source of information for the local community, daily updates are made with relevant fire information as well as more regular updates in the event of a fire.

Latest Events…

Latest News…

Almadena Craft Fair and Art Expo 12th MAY 2018

ALMADENA CRAFT FAIR AND ART EXPO 12th MAY Feira de Artesanato/Art Expo ( centro de associacao de Almadena) Doors open at 1pm Proceeds to the Bombeiros ( Alerto de Incendio Florestal) Registered Charity Over 35 stalls of craft and arts in one placeStill taking in new...

Pedrógão Grande wildfires

The Associacão committee has taken a vote and although the money we have raised was to help the Algarve bombeiros during the summer we have decided the Bombeiros of Leiria have a greater need than ours at the moment. So we have actioned a payment of € 1000 to their...

Emergency Contact Numbers

Portugal Emergency Number is 112

Call this number for Police, Ambulance and the Fire Brigade in Portugal

Portugal Forest Fire Emergency Number is 117

Call this number if you see a potetntial Forest fire in Portugal

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People can donate to the associacao  via the paypal or our bank account, Iban  PT50-0033-0000-45499091213-05.