The Associacão committee has taken a vote and although the money we have raised was to help the Algarve bombeiros during the summer we have decided the Bombeiros of Leiria have a greater need than ours at the moment. So we have actioned a payment of € 1000 to their appeal fund from our funds.
The Iban and the Paypal details for OUR funding, for further donations to this Associacao is;


NIPC; 514208295

drop off points for donations of food and water
Direct Transport  porches
APAA charity shop , dunas , Alvor
Annies Bar & café  , Alvor
Bookworms  Albufeira
Ibex  Almancil
Paws 4 pets  , Albufeira
Jimmi’s Bar, Burgau as drop off/storage
Bed Warehouse in Lagoa   (also available out of hrs )
 Casa Velha Restaurant, Albufeira  if it is between 6pm and 8pm,  on the santa Eulalia road.  Three Amigos bar opposite,  The Old House is open from 1pm every day except sunday, three amigos is open from 10am
Noble estate Agents , Rua Da Liberdade no 79 S.B Messines (Noble Algarve Property) we are opposite the BPI bank best to call before as I’m often out with clients 918063979.
We collect and deliver, to the Bombeiros.
Bottles of water  NO BIGGER THAN 500ml
Energy drinks
tetra packs  (fruit Juice)
snack bars
energy bars
toiletries men and women
cotton socks , men and women, these do not have to be new and old towels
burn creams
wet wipes
and also fruit, basically  “HAND” food ,
 if anyone is donating at any of the drop off points , please check the sell by dates .