Support for the front line

The Associação Alerta de incendio Florestal /Forest fire Alert
Has bought €2100 worth of PPE (personal protection equipment ) for the front line ambulances and INEM crews.
This will be distributed on a needs , basis. Obviously some Municipalities have higher demand .

this includes Safety Goggles
Protective Cap
Protective Gowns
Disposable Apron
disposable Shoe covers
High Crown Gloves
Disposable long arm covers
Hand Disinfectant (5lt)
Ethyl alcohol 70%
Hand towels – Paper

This has been paid for by donations and fund raising over the year .
It is not our usual type of assistance , but these are not usual times .
These valuable members of our society are already Battling with this emergency .
But we are also all preparing for the fire season/ critical period .
With the support of the community , We will Help the Bombeiros